Progressive Economy

Website for organization promoting international trade.

Home Page

The home page features a vertical slider that automatically pulls in the ten most recent posts from the blog, and displays two of posts at a time. There is also a traditional content slider, highlighting featured stories on the site.

Progressive Economy - home page


The main navigation of the site uses drop-down menus to allow easy access to all of the main sections of the site. A site-wide search field and links to the clients social media accounts are prominently located above.

Progressive Economy - navigation

Blog Page

Ten posts are displayed per page. Each post has a title, image and teaser text. The published date, category and any tags are also displayed. The user can either click the post title or the “Read More” button to go to the full post.

Progressive Economy - blog page

Individual Post

The post page includes a larger image next to the title, and sharing options at the top and the bottom of the page.

Progressive Economy - individual post page

Mobile Friendly

The site is fully responsive, and works on devices of all sizes. It features a slide out navigation, and a sticky header that allows the user to access the navigation at any time.

Progressive Economy - mobile